All procedures have been finalized, including service fees related to Kartarpur transit,

There will be a formal agreement (tomorrow) on the transit draft between Pakistan and India, Pakistan will attend the charter summit in Moscow on the Afghan peace process. Under the Indus Treaty, India cannot stop the water of three rivers, Pakistan said. China Policy supports "Spokesperson's Foreign Office Dr. Faisal's weekly press briefing
 Wednesday 23 October 2019 17:43

کرتار پور راہداری سے متعلق سروس فیس سمیت تمام طریقہ کار کو حتمی شکل ..

Kartarpur has finalized all procedures including transit service fees ..

Islamabad . (Urdu Point Newsletter - APP - 23 October 2019) All procedures including service fees related to Kartarpur transit have been finalized, the formal agreement on the transit draft between Pakistan and India will take place on Thursday (today). Foreign Office Dr. Mohammed Faisal said during a weekly press briefing on Wednesday that all procedures including the Kartarpur transit fee $ 20 have been finalized and the formal signing of the contract to operationalize the transit from November 9 (today) on Thursday. Will be at zero point.

Five thousand Sikh pilgrims per day will be allowed to visit Kartarpur Sahib Gurdwara while the visitors will be charged a service fee of $ 20 per person which will be spent on facilities for Sikh pilgrims.

The spokesman said that afterwards all details of the agreement would be provided to the media. Answering a question, the spokesman said that Pakistan would attend a chauffeur-y meeting in Moscow, China, Russia and the United States on the Afghan process.

He said that Pakistan is part of all efforts and processes related to reconciliation efforts and facilitation in Afghanistan. Truman said that Pakistan will continue its efforts under the joint responsibilities of making peace efforts successful in Afghanistan for reconciliation process. Answering a question, the spokesperson said that Hong Kong is China's internal affairs and Pakistan supports "One China Policy".

A spokesman for Kashmir said that the inhumane situation in occupied Kashmir, communication blackout and lockdown, entered the 81st day, demanding the attention of the international community. He said that foreign embassies were freed yesterday. During a visit to Jura Town in Kashmir, the locals were given an opportunity to have free discussions and to know details of the LoC's indiscriminate firing by Indian forces.
The spokesperson said that the Indian High Commissioner was invited to visit the LoC along with a delegation of foreign diplomats, but we did not receive any reply from him. Question regarding Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamed's statement regarding Kashmir support. Responding, the spokesman said that Pakistan is proud of a Muslim Muslim friend like Malaysia. Spokesman on the Indian push to change the attitude, said that under the Indus Treaty, which is guaranteed by the World Bank, India has three rivers. If India takes such a step, then Pakistan has the right to take action under this agreement. Yes.
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