Indian MP's wife says shameful statement about rap, apologizes

Anna Linda Eden wrote in a Facebook post that fate is like rap, if you can't stop it, enjoy it
 Wednesday 23 October 2019 14:06

Indian MP's wife's shameful statement about rap, apologizing ..

بھاتی رکن اسمبلی کی اہلیہ کا ریپ کے حوالے سے شرمناک بیان، معافی مانگنی ..

New Delhi (Urdu Point Newsletter - NNI - 23 October 2019) A social media post by Anna Linda Eden, wife of Congresswoman Hubby Eden from Kerala, is going viral. In which he released the most controversial statement regarding rap. According to Bharati TV, Anna Linda Eden wrote in her Facebook post that fate is like rap, enjoy it if you can't stop it. ۔
He had a lot of turmoil on this post, after which he apologized for his post. Anna Linda Eden posted a video on Facebook, as well as captioning the photo of her husband and Congress MP Hubby Eden. Luck is like rap, if you can't stop it, actually enjoy it. In Kochi these days, it is raining because of rain, people have seen their post on social media and have alleged that they made fun of Kochi situation.

The Facebook post written by the wife of the Congress Member of Parliament caused quite a stir and people criticized the post. Seeing the rising turmoil, Anna removed her post and also apologized. Hubby Eden is the MP from Kerala's A Rana Kalam Lok Sabha seat and won the election for the first time. He has also been a member of the Congress party before, resigning before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.
In the Lok Sabha polls, the Congress party this time outperformed only in the state of Kerala. Earlier in 2013, a similar statement was made by former CBI Director Ranjit Sinha. Then he said that if you can't stop rap, enjoy it. He cited this statement as an example on the issue of betrayal, but later he regretted the statement.

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