'Biodiversity' is another information for the farmers and the community

Biodiversity "was supposed to be a system of nature that provided food, health and employment for a community. But the problems that are occurring today have created many problems.

೧. Nutritional Food Problem: The lack of nutritious food is widespread, with the production of multifamily food crops reduced.

೨. Health problem: Anemia from malnutrition - stunted growth

೩. Employment Problem: The use of natural products / forest by-products has fallen short.

೪. Lack of forage due to lack of multiple food crop production - Soil toxins are being destroyed by lack of organic manure, which is a nutrient for soil organisms.
೫. Cold climates are gradually heating up as different types of trees are falling victim to the ax.

೬. Various earthworms or soil supporting plants (now called 'weeds' / 'unwanted plants') that are providing food, forage, medicine, shade - shelter to human, animal, and pests are now being exterminated with deadly pollutants.

Due to all these reasons, soil topsoil and biomass in the soil are disappearing today. Similarly, the livelihoods of rural communities are also being destroyed. Rural people living in a state of disrepair are in the search for a better quality of life.

What is the State Biodiversity Board doing with the responsibility to cover all of this? What kind of plans have you made? Are there negotiations with communities to implement the projects? Do communities seek cooperation? Are communities being approached for "advice - cooperation - participation" in formulating plans? Are these projects "government" projects or community-based projects?

Are the resources and resources for the protection of the life sphere of care - nurturing - management among the elders of the community recorded? Considered?

Are plants labeled "weed" included in the list of natural resources that need to be saved for "biodiversity" conservation? These plants are "nutritious food sources" for most women in communities. But farmers are being urged to use herbicides to exterminate such useful plants. Is there any action taken to cut down on pesticide use?

Since the living organisms in Mann are also biological resources, what kind of plan is there for their protection?

When "Biodiversity" is included in the list are "Crop Diversity - Tree Diversity - Livestock Diversity - Bird Diversity - Insect Diversity - Diversity of Toxins - Diversity of Aquatic Diversity"

There are departments of the Department of Agriculture - Food Department - Health Department - Horticulture - Forest Department - Honey Farm - Animal Husbandry - Kukkuta - Fisheries - Rural Development - Women and Children - Employment Department - Youth Service Department etc.

Are there any actions taken against companies that produce, recommend and use chemicals that cause the "biodiversity" destruction?

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