Huge riot in Bolivia - President Ivo Morales resigns

La Paz, Nov. 11 (Xinhua) - The controversial presidential election in Bolivia caused massive riots and violence after Evo Morales was elected president. It is against this backdrop that President Ivo Morales has resigned his position. In the meantime, there is further unrest in Bolivia, and Morales is apprehensive about the possibility of apprehending them through the coup.

After the election on October 20, there was a fierce protest in the country. Now that violence has escalated, the military has warned Morales to step down from office immediately.

Last night it was reported that a fire broke out in La Paz and some buildings, including the scene of a street brawl.
Evo Morales has been in Bolivia's presidency for the past fourteen years and after winning this election, there has been violence in the country. Earlier, Morales had told TV Channel that he was resigning from his position to rebuild stability in the country. Morales had alleged that the army was preparing to arrest them by calling for a civilian coup. He has announced his resignation as president to ensure peace in the country. Despite this tense and disturbing situation, police have issued a warrant for his arrest. In addition, Morales tweeted that frantic groups attacked the house.

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