'Likes count' will not appear on Instagram; Because 'it' is

New Delhi - Social media uses Instagram to dominate the world of photos. Instagram comes with new features for its users. The number of likes that your posts or photos get on Instagram is very important to users. However, some posts get very few likes. Now there is good news for such Instagram users as Instagram is currently working on a new feature to hide likes.
Instagram has been working on this feature, and it will be tested in the United States next week. Instagram CEO Adam Mossary revealed this at an event. The social media network has previously said that there is constant pressure on the number of likes received by users on their posts, while they have decided to close the likes count on how they will react to their posts.

Instagram has previously experimented with the likes of Hyde Count in Canada, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand. Users often have competition from likes. Instagram has taken this important step in reducing the competition. Often, your rival users get more hate if they like it. So some people plan to avoid posting so that they get less likes. Therefore, this new feature will benefit all users. Users can post randomly without any hesitation in mind.

There will be a song for the Instagram Story, new 'lyricle stickers' will arrive

Instagram comes with new features for its users. The story feature in Insta is extremely popular. It is currently testing a new feature. After adding stickers to Insta's story, the background will be heard. The app is likely to feature a new feature soon.

Instagram deleted the 'popular' feature

Following Tab has been deleted from Instagram. So users can no longer monitor the activities of their friends. Following tab has been deleted from Instagram, according to information given by Vishal Shah, Instagram product head. This is a very popular feature of the users. With the help of the following tabs, users can monitor the activity of their friends. It helps to understand what friends like, post, or comment on. However, this popular feature has been deleted. Many users have been annoyed by deleting the following Tab feature.

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