Peanut Council from the same 16 ..

The association of Kadumalleswaram Friends has also organized the Peanut Council in Malleswaram on the 16th of its 90th anniversary. This is also the first time a food fair has been organized in the Peanut Council. More than 35 stalls will be opened for this purpose and the food fair will be a great pleasure for those visiting the council. The three-day peanut parade will feature Dr Rajkumar's melodic songs, cultural and religious programs, Chitra Parishad and Sithar Sambharam.

The Peanut Council has been organized for nine consecutive years, and it has been very popular for nine years. Rakshit Shivaram, Chairman, said that the peanut convention, which takes place this time, is expected to reach more than 200,000 people in three days.

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